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We are Newmarket Legal Lawyers for Disabilities. In our opinion, no one should ever be wrongly refused disability payments by insurance providers, employers, or governmental organizations. How then do we carry out this vision?

We give you more power through education, advocacy, and legal services. We deliberately list education at the top. In our opinion, public education is the most acceptable strategy for achieving our vision. For this reason, before you speak with us, insurance providers, or governmental organizations, we encourage you to educate yourself first. We work hard to create the most accurate and practical content on disability claims in Canada.

Sadly, there are situations when hiring a lawyer is necessary to obtain disability payments. We can help you if you find yourself in that circumstance.

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  • Hello, this is David Brannen, the company’s founder.

I’d like to share Newmarket Legal’s history with you. We are an underdog group fighting for other underdogs throughout the nation.

My family experienced a tragic legal situation when I was ten years old. My grandfather was hurt by a multimillion-dollar company, which rendered him permanently unable to work. He reluctantly filed a lawsuit against the business, knowing well that he would prevail. It didn’t seem feasible to lose.

You are aware of the outcome.

Our family discovered a terrible lesson many others have already encountered: the truth alone will not suffice to prevail in court. We couldn’t believe it when the giant corporation triumphed. They had better attorneys who made a stronger case to the judge.

I’ll never forget the feeling of injustice and rage I felt. I immediately realized I wanted to practice law and that my career would include defending the weaker party. I’m still motivated by that rage today.

Additionally, I’ve always had a deep sense of affinity toward the handicapped population. I’m not sure why, but I think it is due to my desire to stand up for the underdog. I got involved in the Special Olympics when I was a high school student, and because of this, I decided to earn my degree in Occupational Therapy before entering law school.

I worked in law offices after law school that specialized in defending clients in injury claims against insurance providers. I began assisting people with disability claims in 2005. I didn’t know any attorneys who frequently handled disability cases. I had to call attorneys in other regions of Canada and the US to find out what to do. But I rapidly learned to love this law field, especially the clients.

The level of legal knowledge in issues involving disability claims was very uneven back then. Attorneys were employed full-time by government organizations and insurance providers to combat disability claims. Consumers have limited access to attorneys who handle a small number of disability cases annually. Insurance companies had a significant advantage in terms of resources, knowledge, and experience.

Their advantage only kept expanding. By 2010, it was common for insurance companies to employ in-house attorneys who handled nothing but the defence of disability claims. These attorneys went above and above. It makes sense that someone who focuses on doing one activity will become more adept at it than someone who only does it sometimes. This is how everyone, from Olympic athletes to lawyers, becomes a master at what they do.

I decided to open my own law company in 2013. Its only concentration would be on assisting clients with disability claims. My strategy was to outwit insurance providers by playing to their strengths. I would establish a business that worked exclusively on disability claims. Our sole focus would be on disability claims. The same level of legal expertise that insurance companies were receiving from their attorneys was something we could provide to average individuals.

Most other attorneys believed that I had lost it. Why would I limit my attention to disability claims when personal injury claims would be more lucrative? Would I reject an excellent customer only because they lacked a disability claim? The majority of attorneys said that there weren’t enough paying clients to allow them to concentrate solely on disability claims.

On January 1st, 2013, I began operating Newmarket Legal. My goal was to establish the first consumer law company in Canada that handled just disability claims.

I’d want to say that the road to success was clear-cut, but that would be a lie. Newmarket Legal didn’t become successful right away. The difficulties of attempting to launch a firm from scratch struck me as surprising. Since it was difficult to get clients and I had a family to support, I began accepting any injury claim that came through the door. These were a few of the strangest examples you can think of. Simply put, we weren’t having any success with disability claims. Every day, we were edging more and farther out of my field of vision.

But in the latter part of 2014, I listened to a radio interview with a Houston, Texas, attorney called Marc Whitehead. I received it in the mail as a CD. While travelling for several hours to get a case, I was listening to it in my car. He discussed how he managed a nationwide law company that handled disability claims primarily. From his residence in Houston, he served clients throughout the country.

Somehow, it worked. I stopped my car on the side of the highway and began to plan: I would establish Newmarket Legal as a leading national disability claim a legal company in Canada. The two things that made Marc successful were his resolution to only work on disability claims and his decision to offer his books on the subject for free.

I determined there would be no turning back. I got rid of anything from our website that wasn’t about disability claims by December 2014. I began writing a novel as soon as I arrived home. I started penning articles and how-to manuals on filing for disability. All clients without disability claims were either turned away or referred out.

Beginning in January 2015, our website’s traffic had decreased by close to 50%. Our telephones ceased to ring. Our intake of new clients fell to nothing. There was tension. It took a while to realize that I had made the proper choice; there was a lot of second-guessing. My book, A Beginner’s Guide to Disability Insurance Claims in Canada, was eventually published.

I could hear crickets in February. Not a single call. No new customers. When my books arrived, they were already unused. Nearly everyone, including myself, now had misgivings. Only my wife Lyne was an exception. She had irrational faith in my ability to make things work. Nevertheless, she gave me the go-ahead to continue. So I kept moving forward while playing that Marc Whitehead CD repeatedly.

By March 2015, I was on the verge of panic. The third month in a row saw no phone calls and very modest increases in website visits. However, we did send out a few books and had a few referrals for disability claims from other attorneys. I travelled to the US on a whim to participate in a session on managing a legal company hosted by Florida’s most prominent disability law firm. They began from nothing like I did and expanded to have over 20,000 active clients. The inspiration I was required to persist with my goal came from the conference.

I released a manual titled The CPP Disability Claim Approval Blueprint in April 2015. In addition, we started providing free webinars to help people apply for CPP disability benefits. Everything was improving. Now that our internet traffic was increasing, we added more new customers.

I doubled down by dedicating Newmarket Legal entirely to marketing centred on education. We incorporated it into our goal to empower individuals via services, advocacy, and education. We would gain a reputation as a law company that prioritized education. The leading free resource for data on disability claims in Canada. It was envisioned that readers would stumble upon our articles online, request our free books and guides, and then think, “Hey… These guys seem like a beautiful group of folks and know what they’re talking about. they would immediately want to hire us.

It succeeded!

Things began to pick up steam in May 2015. More calls and leads were coming in than ever before. Free books and manuals were being mailed out left and right. So that our crew could transport all the books to the post office each day, I had to purchase a suitcase with wheels. Due to the high volume of orders, I was forced to convert from free book mailing to PDF email copies for a short period.

This shows the traffic to our website. You can see that things began to alter in May 2015.
People started calling us from all across the nation. Customers recruited us in British Columbia and Newfoundland during those initial few months. Our Nova Scotia-based regional law company nearly overnight transformed into a nationwide one.

Are we doing this? A staff member reportedly questioned when we acquired our first client in British Columbia across the country.

Oh, we’re doing it, I said in response. So, in the end, we succeeded in getting the client CPP disability.

Then a woman from the Yukon called to ask if we would represent her husband in a CPP disability appeal. She had looked us up online. They had already received two denials. They resided in a remote area. There are no paved roads, and for miles, there are no lawyers—indeed, none specializing in disability claims. They did, however, have a phone, and she had access to the internet at work. We took on their issue and assured them that we would resolve it. We learned that UPS could deliver anyplace.

We set up a teleconference for this client’s CPP Tribunal Hearing. The judge was in Ontario, I was in New Brunswick, and my client was out in the Yukon wilderness. We also prevailed in that lawsuit.

Never having to leave his house, my client. I wasn’t required to go to the Yukon. At that point, I was confident that our plan for a national disability legal business was feasible.

I am appreciative of everyone who gambled on us in the beginning. At the time, hiring a law practice based in New Brunswick seemed unlikely for Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta residents.

I soon understood that people didn’t care where we were located as much as they did about what we stood for and what we believed in. People have expressed gratitude for our free manuals, books, videos, and articles. They also appreciated that we were approachable and didn’t take ourselves too seriously.

The takeaway from this tale is that we didn’t achieve success until we gave our objective of helping the disability community our all. We put people’s needs first and didn’t look for anything in return. The distribution of tens of thousands of free books had the most impact. We provided advice on how to successfully pursue disability claims in those books. Our most valuable secrets were divulged.

But it was successful, and we now have more clients than ever. It allowed us to narrow our attention to disability claims only. More of what we gave away came back to us. Our strategy is what I’ve jokingly called “good karma marketing.” With the knowledge that we will always receive more in return, our objective is to find ways to share more and better material.

Newmarket Legal has assisted clients in all provinces except Quebec (due to licensing barriers). We currently concentrate on all disability claims, including short-term, long-term, CPP, workers’ compensation, disability tax credit, and employment-related claims. In addition, we continue to sell using an educational focus. With locations in Toronto, Halifax, and Moncton, we provide services to clients across the country.

We still mail out free books! I have now released three consumer books on disability claims. You can obtain one by signing up for our email newsletter, The Insider. The Beginner’s Guide to CPP Disability, one of my free books, briefly held the top spot on Amazon. Disability Claim Secrets and the third edition of my first book, A Beginner’s Guide to Disability Insurance Claims, are scheduled to be released in 2021.

A method for prevailing in disability claims has been improved. The Story Alignment Method TM is its official name. This procedure focuses on proving to everyone that taking a disability leave was the last thing you wanted to do to win your claim. This is crucial. When others, such as insurance companies, government organizations, family, and coworkers, don’t believe them, it may be tough to live with a disability; as so many of our clients tell us,

For you to decide how to proceed with your claim, we still think that education comes first. A client-centred mentality guides every action we take. This means that instead of providing services that lawyers want to sell, we aim to provide services that customers want. We offer support throughout the claim process, including applications, appeals, hearings, and legal action. We prioritize you and stand by it with our 100% Satisfaction & Fair Fee Guarantee.

Finally, we established Newmarket Legal’s Access to Justice Program because we are dedicated to the underdog. We prevent insurance firms from getting away with bad behaviour with this program. Because they believe you won’t be able to hire an attorney, they will occasionally play shady. Perhaps you lack the resources to hire an attorney to represent you on a contingency fee basis, or you cannot afford one.

I am pleased with Newmarket Legal’s current position. Employing underdogs to stand up for the underdogs has been one of the secrets to our success! It is not a joke. Our staff’s dedication to Newmarket Legal’s goals makes me incredibly proud.

Thank you for reading our tale. I appreciate it. I wish our experience had inspired you in some way. Perseverance is the key lesson if there is one. Hold fast to what you believe. Giving stuff away for free will bring you beautiful things back.

I hope your adventure is successful.

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